To Mark SOTS, NJCA “Welcome Back” Packet Reminds Governor Christie of Problems Plaguing NJ While He Was Out-of-State 72% in 2015

To mark Governor Chris Christie’s State of the State address, New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) is releasing a “Welcome Back” packet to give focus to problems plaguing New Jersey while the Governor was missing in action and let the state decline while he was out-of-state 72% of 2015 in pursuit of the Republican party nomination for President.

The primer gives a basic introduction to New Jersey for the governor:  New Jersey is a state located in the northeast section of the United States, conveniently located in the middle of the world’s largest market.  New Jersey is known for its 130 miles of sandy beaches, beautiful forests and mountains, excellent food from every corner of the world, tourist destinations such as Liberty State Park, and is home to Bruce Springsteen.

Governor Christie not only has to reacquaint himself with the capitol in Trenton, but the stagnant problems that have been plaguing New Jersey while he’s been away on the campaign trail to make the case to the rest of the 50 states that he’s somehow fit to govern despite his abysmal record:

  • New Jersey’s unfunded pension liability of $40 billion is the 2nd worst in the nation.
  • Last year, New Jersey achieved the dubious distinction of having the country’s highest percentage of foreclosures among mortgaged homes.
  • The Transportation Trust Fund is going to be broke on June 30, 2016, with only enough money to service existing debt. Without an infusion of money, most of the projects to fix New Jersey’s crumbling infrastructure– roads, bridges, and rail lines– will simply stop.
  • New Jersey has more than 1 million workers with no paid sick days. Christie’s opposition to paid sick days has left low income working families, who are disproportionately without paid sick days, unprotected.
  • Governor Christie, who promised to be the #1 advocate for clean energy for New Jersey in 2009, has led New Jersey down the rabbit hole of climate inaction, pulling back on clean energy and played footsie with global warming deniers.
  • Governor Christie diverted $400 million in savings from Medicaid expansion to close budget gaps, and failed to reinvest into the program or back into the unmet health care needs of the people of New Jersey.

The full “Welcome Back” packet can be found here.