Pay Equity Protests

Pay Equity Protests

On Saturday, January 21st, 4 million women and their allies marched all across this country for equal rights in the largest protest in American history. Then, on Monday, Republicans in the NJ State Assembly voted against equal pay for women. 3 Republicans who had previously supported the bill actually changed their vote and voted no, aligning themselves with Chris Christie instead of their female constituents.[1]

And one particular Senator, Michael Doherty (one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in NJ), before voting against the NJ Pay Equity Act said that he felt that statistics that compare women’s wages to those of white men were “denigrating” to white men. [2] This is simply ridiculous. Fighting for equality is not a zero sum game. Because women gain rights doesn’t mean that men lose theirs. And we have a message for Senator Doherty – what’s really denigrating is that in 2017 white women in New Jersey make 82 cents to every dollar a man makes, and women of color earn substantially less. 

We simply aren’t just going to take this kind of Trumpist behavior in New Jersey. Join us as we fight back.

Contact your Senator – thank those who voted for Equal Pay and tell those who voted against that you are extremely disappointed and that you are paying attention to whether they are sticking up for their female constituents (click on the link and input your zip code – your Senator’s name will pop up and there will be a note telling you how they voted).

And then join us as we protest Senator Doherty and the Senators who changed their vote and betrayed their female constituents.

Protest Senator Doherty – 3:30pm Monday January 30 – Bridgewater.

February 7 Protests for Equal Pay – Senators Conners, Beck, and Addiego

February 8 Protests for Equal Pay – Senator Kean Jr

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