Tell Us Your For-Profit College Experience

If you’ve attended a for-profit college (like DeVry University, University of Phoenix, Strayer University, or Berkeley College), we want to hear about your story so we can advocate for better policies that will protect you from unfair and deceptive practices by for-profit colleges.

Share your story with NJ Citizen Action (click here for a secure online form).

We’ll reach out to talk to you about your experience. Conversations are confidential and we’ll never share your information without your consent.

We want to talk to you if you’ve experienced

  • Large student loans
  • Struggles with tuition repayments
  • Promises of job placements
  • Collection threats from lenders
  • Aggressive marketing & recruitment
  • Pressure to sign student loan agreements
  • Other issues

In New Jersey, more than 1 million people have outstanding student loans totaling more than $43.2 billion at the end of 2018, and the average loan balance was nearly $40,000. Students at for-profit colleges are deeper in debt, less than a quarter graduate, and are twice as likely to default on their loans. You are not alone! Share your story today to help to influence public policy and shape legislation around the student loan debt crisis.