Money in Politics

Special interest money has long had a corrosive effect on our politics, but in 2010, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision unleashed a new era of unprecedented spending by a handful of millionaires and corporations on our elections.  In 2014, another Supreme Court decision made an already bad situation worse.  The McCutcheon v. FEC decision further guts campaign finance limits by striking down aggregate limits on how much individuals can give directly to candidates, parties and PACs per election cycle.

These two decisions together give special interests and wealthy donors far too much influence over elections and threaten to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens in our democracy.  We must fight back by building the case – one community, one state, even one corporation at a time – for overturning the entirety of the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions through constitutional amendments.

In 2012 New Jersey became the 9th state to forward resolutions from the State Legislature to Congress calling for the overturn of Citizens United by a Constitutional Amendment.  NJCA is part of an active campaign to push all members of the US House of Representatives and Senate to support a bill that would allow American voters to overturn both the Citizen United and McCutcheon decisions.