Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching in Newark & Jersey City!

Imagine a more stable financial future for you and your family…

One where you are ready for unexpected expenses

One where your credit score reflects the real you

One where you take action to tackle debt

Are you ready to create that future?


NJ Citizen Action is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Financial Coaching Program. Our trained coaches will help you to achieve your financial goals. You’ll have the one-on-one support and resources you need to stop falling behind and start getting ahead.

Choose a GOAL: Create a savings cushion? Put old debts behind you? Purchase a home?

Commit to CHANGE: You’ll have to do some things differently to get a different result.

Make a PLAN: We’ll help you figure out where all of your money is going and how to achieve your goals.

Take ACTION: We have the tools to help you put your plan into place; we’ll stick with you and support you throughout the process.

ENJOY: Less stress and the satisfaction of knowing what you’ve achieved feel pretty great.

Our financial coaching services will provide you with the honest, no-strings information and ongoing support you need to get ahead. Our individualized services are confidential and tailored to your situation. Participants and coaches work together to achieve participants’ goals, big and small.

Our services feature:

  • Goal establishment
  • Saving and spending plan
  • Credit analysis and action plan (includes two copies of tri-merged credit report)
  • Debt analysis and action plan
  • Bill pay schedule
  • Financial product review and enrollment assistance (e.g. bank accounts, credit builder loans, secured credit cards)
  • Electronic banking/money management training
  • Tax preparation services (for income eligible participants)


  • Participants must have an annual gross household income below $76,000 and provide income documentation (e.g., pay stubs, tax return.) If you are unsure about this requirement, please ask.
  • Participants must be ready, willing, and able to establish new financial practices (for example, reduce expenses, pay down debt, start saving.)

Location: Coaching is offered at NJCA’s office in downtown Newark (165 Halsey St.) and in Jersey City at the Bethune Center (140 Martin Luther King Drive). NOTE: All appointments are made through NJCA.)

Cost: There is no charge for coaching services. A one-time credit report fee applies.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please complete our pre-screening form and we will contact you to set up an appointment:

Questions? Contact us at or (973) 273-0315.

Special thanks to our Sponsors and Partners: New Jersey Citizen Action would not be able to provide these free services to individuals and families without the help of our sponsors and partners:

City of Jersey City
Investors Bank
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
M&T Bank
New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund
Prudential Foundation
Valley National Bank                                                                                                                 Victoria Foundation