Fair Housing Counseling and Client Advocacy

Understand your legal rights

New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund helps victims of housing discrimination understand their legal rights and offers guidance on navigating the formal complaint process. In some cases, NJCAEF will conduct testing investigations to document discrimination. NJCAEF provides the following services for people in New Jersey:

  • Fair housing counseling for people who have faced housing discrimination
  • Investigative services to test for compliance with fair housing laws
  • Assistance for people with disabilities with requesting reasonable accommodations or modifications
  • Guidance for filing a housing discrimination complaint and recommendations for navigating the legal process
  • Referrals to social service agencies, government agencies and attorneys

Report Discrimination

By reporting discrimination, you are exercising your right to housing free of discrimination. You also help other people access housing on a nondiscriminatory basis. Contact us at 732-246-4772, or fhintake@njcitizenaction.org