Fair Housing Education and Training Programs

NJCAEF offers Fair Housing training to Housing providers and workshops for the general public, nonprofit organizations and community groups. Program participants receive accurate, clear and up-to-date information about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

Training topics include:

  • Fair Housing 101
  • Fair Housing and Families with Children
  • Fair Housing Advertising Compliance
  • Fair Housing and LGBTQ+
  • Criminal Background Checks and Disparate Impact
  • Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
  • National and Regional Trends in Fair Housing
  • Zoning, Planning and Land Use

Training is available with in-person presentations at your office, local libraries or community centers throughout the state. In some cases, training can be provided at no cost. To request a training, contact Candace Harper at 732-246-4772, or fhtraining@njcitizenaction.org