Worker and Income Support

Our state and federal governments have responded to the current pandemic with legislation that will assist workers who are sick, workers who need to care for their children and families, or workers struggling with lost wages.

NJ Citizen Action hosted a webinar on Wednesday, April 1st about worker income support during the COVID-19 pandemic response. This webinar covered the benefits currently available to NJ workers, what is coming soon with the newly enacted laws, and the remaining gaps that our organization is advocating for. To learn more about the workers assistance that is available in NJ now and details about the recently passed laws, you can visit the NJ Time to Care coalition website. To apply for state benefits you can visit NJ Dept of Labor website:

You can view and share the webinar slides here:

*Note: Unfortunately the first 10 minutes of the video are cut off but the rest of the webinar is here to view and share.

To apply for state benefits you can visit NJ Dept of Labor website.

As robust as the joint state and federal response to COVID19 has been so far, there are still people who will fall through the gaps of what is available or will soon be available. We can’t leave anyone behind if we are going to get through this crisis. We must push our decision-makers to do more to help ALL workers.

Please take action today to call on the NJ Legislature and the Governor to ensure our state government delivers paid leave to workers facing illness or family care-giving needs, as well as adequate income support to every working person who is now struggling with job and income loss due to COVID19.  It’s only together that we will make it through this incredible crisis – we need YOU to help us make sure our state leaders act swiftly to ensure no one falls through the cracks during our COVID19 response.

New Jersey Citizen Action and its partners with the New Jersey Time to Care Coalition are advocating that the New Jersey Legislature and Governor adopt key policies to close the gaps, and ensure everyone can survive the economic impact of COVID19.  


New Jersey has among the most comprehensive Earned Sick Leave, Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance laws in the country, which cover all employees – full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal. Note: many of these policies continue to be expanded in the wake of state and federal responses to COVID-19.

NJCA staff are here to assist you in navigating this system and answering your questions on benefits and support for which you may be eligible. Email NJCA at Hablamos Español. NJCA staff will return calls/emails within 48 hours.

New Jersey’s Earned Sick Leave Law even covers public health emergencies – employees can use Earned Sick leave if their workplace or child’s school or daycare is closed due to an epidemic, or if a public health authority determines the need for a quarantine.

Earned Sick Leave can be used for self-care, or for a person to care for a family member, which includes a child, grandchild, sibling, spouse, parent or grandparent, domestic or civil union partner, anyone related by blood to the employee, or anyone whose close association with the employee is the equivalent of family.

That said, variables affect eligibility as well as the applicable benefit or protection. The Labor Department examines cases on an individual basis, and makes eligibility determinations in accordance with the law.

Click here to go to the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce website to access worker support and benefits.

The scenarios below are for state benefits and protections. Clearly, many employers have their own more generous policies.

Please share this information to help us get out the information to people who need the resources and assistance during this unprecedented public health crisis.