Telecommunication services are a vital part of our daily life and economy. That’s why New Jersey Citizen Action convenes Don’t Hang Up on NJ, a coalition of consumer, labor and community organizations committed to protecting affordable, quality communications services for New Jersey families.

A well-regulated network of communications service is needed to:

  • Ensure all New Jerseyans have affordable access to basic telephone service that meets or exceeds basic quality and service standards
  • Protect New Jersey’s vulnerable populations with durable communications lines for First Responders, and the maintenance of an infrastructure compatible with vital services such as Life Alert and Deaf Relay
  • Provide New Jersey’s businesses with access to high-speed, modern technology to help our economy grow
  • Ensure that infrastructure and technological advancements mean customers are able to acquire better products at affordable prices, rather than simply aloowing the benefits of innovation and taxpayer-protected investment to accrue solely to shareholders.

Currently, companies like Verizon are attempting to abandon their commitment to a quality, affordable telecommunications infrastructure in New Jersey. Verizon is seeking to evade laws that require it to provide reliable service to all New Jersey residents. The Don’t Hang Up On NJ coalition is there to fight for New Jersey’s consumers and ratepayers.

For more information visit www.donthanguponnj.org or contact Ann Vardeman at ann@njcitizenaction.org.