NJ Transit Hikes

Fight the Hike, Support Public Transit

Affordable and high quality public transit is so important – it moved people and our state forward in big and small ways, and deserves public investment. Public transit is the key to upward mobility for lower income families, and necessary to support the continued growth and prosperity of our state. Put simply, public transit connects people to opportunities that they need to build a better future like good paying jobs, college classes, and job training.

For far too long, our state has invested too few public dollars in public transit. The result has been forgoing urgently needed infrastructure like the ARC (Access to the Region’s Core) tunnel under the Hudson River into New York City, the drastic 25% fare hikes of 2010, and the troubling 9% hikes and service cuts adopted by NJ Transit this summer.

New Jersey Citizen Action has joined with the New Jersey for Transit Coalition to fight these ongoing attacks on public transit and to fight for adequate, long-term, and sustainable funding for transit.