NJCA Condemns NJ Republican Congressional Votes for Massive Budget Cuts

Newark — April 27, 2023

NJCA Director of Organizing Liz Glynn released the following statement today in response to the Republican House passing Speaker McCarthy’s reckless bill that proposes to raise the debt ceiling by cutting dozens of programs that help millions of New Jerseyans and Americans afford healthcare, food, childcare and housing.

“We are angered and disappointed by New Jersey Representatives Thomas Kean Jr., Chris Smith and Jeff Van Drew choosing to vote “YES” for a debt ceiling bill calling for devastating cuts to programs critical to millions of low-and moderate-income families throughout New Jersey and the country. At a time when too many families continue to struggle with inflation and meeting their basic needs, this bill will jeopardize essential services such as Medicaid and Social Security – particularly for older Americans and people with disabilities – limit SNAP benefits, and enact cruel cuts to education and housing. The Republican plan will also widen the ever-growing wealth inequality in our country by gutting IRS funding needed to ensure the wealthy and corporations who cheat on their taxes pay what they owe.

“Kean, Smith and Van Drew voted directly against the interests of their constituents. We applaud all our Democratic Representatives for voting no, and urge their Republican colleagues to work with them and the rest of Congress to raise the debt ceiling and balance the budget by ensuring the wealthy and corporations pay what they owe so we have the revenue needed to invest in our communities. Our elected leaders must put the interests of working families before those of the ultra-wealthy and big corporations. This would include robust funding for all the programs Republicans propose cutting, as well as much-needed future investments in affordable childcare and national paid family leave.”