New Jersey Citizen Action Endorses Mayor Ras Baraka 

May 5th, 2020

Newark — Today New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) endorsed Newark Mayor Ras Baraka for re-election. 

NJCA is New Jersey’s largest statewide advocacy and empowerment organization that advances social, racial and economic justice for all, while also meeting the pressing needs of low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans through education and direct services. NJCA Executive Director Dena Mottola Jaborska said that Mayor Baraka’s leadership in addressing racial injustice, income inequality, and deep-rooted poverty align completely with NJCA’s goals of ensuring that New Jersey works for all its residents, not just the wealthy or politically connected.

“Mayor Baraka is leading the way with innovative solutions that not only address longstanding inequalities but should serve as models for elected leaders and policymakers across our state and nation,” Mottola Jaborska said. “His latest proposed measures to combat aggressive and predatory real-estate interests, for example, show a deep understanding of the causes behind the lack of affordable housing in Newark and communities across New Jersey. Elected officials should be implementing these types of policies in every city and township in our state.” 

“Thank you to New Jersey Citizen Action for their endorsement of my re-election as Mayor of the City of Newark,” said Mayor Baraka.  “New Jersey Citizen Action is truly an organization for the people and has been an incredible partner in our collective efforts to move Newark Forward. We are all thankful for their 40 years of service and advocacy work to address inequality and improve the lives of New Jersey residents. Once re-elected, I look forward to continuing our shared fight for social, racial, and economic justice for the people of Newark and all New Jersey communities.”   

Mayor Baraka’s proposed measures against predatory real-estate interests include a call for new fees on non-rent-controlled property owners who raise rents by more than five percent annually, and policies to mitigate the purchases of owner-occupied homes by large-scale corporate investors.  

NJCA’s Board of Directors, which voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mayor Baraka, also lauded his leadership throughout the pandemic, his efforts to increase homeownership for low-and moderate-income families, his innovative economic programs benefiting both businesses and families, his work in increasing police accountability, and his unceasing efforts to make Newark more equitable for everyone. 

“By investing in people, affordable housing, police accountability and addressing the top concerns of communities of color, Mayor Baraka has demonstrated how to turn a city around and make it a desirable place to live,” said Christian Estevez, President Emeritus of Latino Action Network. “His programs and policies have helped provide economic security for families and new opportunities for businesses.”

“It is absolutely the right thing to do for organizations to endorse Mayor Baraka,” said 32BJ Executive Vice President and NJ State Director Kevin Brown. “He has successfully led Newark through the pandemic and continues to lead us in the right direction through this recovery. Working families are the heartbeat of the city and we need leaders that will recognize them as such when making decisions and establishing policy. We look forward to continue building and improving our city together.” 

Newark has made tremendous progress these last 8 years under the leadership of Mayor Ras Baraka and his team,” said Fran Ehret, NJ State Director of the Communication Workers of America.  “Thanks to his leadership, Newark is a better place to live and work. Over and over again, Mayor Baraka has stood side by side with CWA on the issues important to our members. He’s proved that he shares our values of equality and justice and sticking up for working families. That’s why CWA is proudly standing with Mayor Baraka, knocking on doors and making phone calls to do our part to see he gets reelected, so he can keep moving Newark forward” 

“Mayor Baraka has transformed Newark and made it a better place to live by investing in its people, and especially its working families and its most vulnerable residents,” said Sue Altman, Executive Director of New Jersey Working Families. “His values and policies have given people both economic security and hope for the future, and should serve as examples to every elected official in our state.”