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Thousands Of Women Will Head To Washington D.C. From New Jersey To Participate In The Women's March

News 12 —January 19, 2017

Tens of thousands of marchers from New Jersey are heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend to rally in support of women and to protest President-elect Donald Trump.

Dena Jaborska and her 9-year-old daughter Olivia will travel to Washington for the march. Olivia made a sign that says "Hands off our rights" and "Go women."

"She's going to get a really strong message that all the women in her life are ready to stand up and do what's right and make a statement," Jaborska says.

Protesters from around the United States are preparing for Saturday's march after Trump's inauguration ceremony. Marchers from new Jersey say they plan to wear flowers in their hair to identify themselves.

Jaborska, director of organizing at New Jersey Citizen Action, says more than 700 people in 13 buses are heading to the march in her group — and that's out of more than 200 buses coming from New Jersey.

"Just by the bus registrations alone... there are many times more buses heading to D.C. the day after than the day of the inauguration," Jaborska says. "For sure there's going to be a much bigger crowd the day after...."

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