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Spiller And Price-Abrams Endorsed By NJ Citizen Action

Insider NJ — May 8, 2020

Montclair, NJ — NJ Citizen Action endorsed Sean Spiller for Mayor and Lori Price Abrams for Third Ward Council in the upcoming Montclair Municipal Elections. NJ Citizen Action Executive Director, Phyllis Salowe-Kaye released the following statement:

"This year there is an election for Montclair Mayor and 3rd Ward Councilor on the Montclair Town Council. New Jersey Citizen Action firmly believe that progress begins at the local level. That is why we are proud to announce the NJCA Political Action Committee (PAC) is endorsing Sean Spiller, Vice President of NJEA for Mayor and Lori Price Abrams, long-time NJCA At-large Board Member for 3rd Ward Councilor on the Montclair Town Council in the May 12, 2020 election.

Both Sean and Lori have demonstrated an enduring commitment to progress, justice, and equality. They stood with New Jersey Citizen Action to help lead the fight for mandatory paid sick leave in Montclair. Sean Spiller, during his time on Council, has been a champion for progressive causes, like fighting for a $15.00 minimum wage and investing in Montclair's parks, infrastructure, pre-k, and public libraries. Lori Price Abrams has a long record of commitment to improving the lives of others. She served as the founding Vice President of Social Justice at Temple Ner Tamid, is a founding board member of Emerge NJ, an organization that trains and encourages Democratic women to run for office, get elected and seek higher office, and serves as At-large Board Member of New Jersey Citizen Action.

In these challenging times, we need leaders who not only get things done, but also govern with compassion. Sean and Lori will serve Montclair residents well. Remember to vote for them on Line C on your mail-in ballot before May 12, 2020."

Spiller said of the endorsement, "We've shown how progressive policies and sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars can help improve a community. I'm proud to have the endorsement progressive organizations like NJ Citizen Action. Together we'll keep fighting for progress."

Price Abrams commented, "NJ Citizen Action does amazing work on social justice issues. I am gratified to have earned their endorsement. We have stood shoulder-to-shoulder on progressive issues like passing mandatory paid sick leave in Montclair. I am looking forward to finding progressive solutions for the challenges we face."

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