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Palisades Group Joins Citizen Action's Wheels In Motion Program

Provides Access to Discounted Auto Insurance for Program Participants

High Point — Friday, September 10, 2010

Newark, New Jersey — Today, the Palisades Group announced its participation in Wheels in Motion, a new program targeted to young adults participating in a youth transition to work program. New Jersey Citizen Action, the state's largest consumer watchdog organization, created this new program with the assistance of Local 108 RWDSU-UFCWE, the union that runs the Youth Transition to Work Program for Strauss Discount Auto.

The program is a collaborative effort between a union, an employer, a bank and an insurance company. The program offers selected young adults a job opportunity and training along with access to below market financing for automobile loans and access to discounted auto insurance.

The Palisades Group's participation in this new program is two-fold. The Palisades Safety and Insurance Agency will offer program participants access to discounted auto insurance through another Palisades affiliated auto insurance company, High Point Auto Insurance.

"High Point Auto Insurance and Palisades are pleased to participate in the 'Wheels in Motion Program'. Our pledge is to provide True Service® to our customers as well as to the community. New Jersey Citizens Action has put together a terrific program to provide career opportunities for young adults in New Jersey's urban communities," said Jim Tignanelli, President of High Point.

High Point is part of the Palisades Group of Insurance Companies which also includes Palisades Safety and Insurance Association. The Group is one of the largest auto insurers in New Jersey, covering more than 470,000 vehicles. Supporting this program is part of the Palisades Group's continued commitment to the New Jersey market.

Along with the Palisades Agency and High Point Auto Insurance, PNC Bank will offer program participants below market rate financing to program participants.

"High Point Auto Insurance is proud to join with the other business partners by offering participants auto insurance at a 10% discount. Being a part of 'Wheels in Motion' is one of the many ways that High Point and Palisades are working to make a difference in the community," Tignanelli stated.

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