Governor Christie To Announce Bid For Presidency In Livingston Amid A Sea Of Supporters And Detractors On Tuesday

TAPinto.net — Tuesday, June 30, 2015


LIVINGSTON, NJ — Gov. Chris Christie will officially make his bid for the Presidency Tuesday via a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. at his alma mater, Livingston High School, where he was once president of his class.

Christie will be the 14th candidate to throw his hat into the ring. While Christie will be greeted by supporters and Lancers, he will also be met with protesters—some who will be asking him to resign as Governor of New Jersey.

For those who did not receive official e-vites or phone calls to attend the event, the announcement will be live streamed on www.chrischristie.com. Parking instructions for tomorrow may be found by clicking HERE.

"Putting party and politics aside, I think having a homegrown candidate from New Jersey announce his run for office is a once in lifetime experience, said Essex County GOP Chairman Al Barlas. "It just goes to show the level of talent NJ breeds."

"Great to have a NJ guy running for President," said former Livingston Mayor Michael Rieber. "He's done a lot to make NJ better, and having him as part of the debate will only benefit our country."

"As Chair of Livingston Republican Party, I am thrilled he has decided to announce that he is running for President of the United States here in Livingston," said Lee Holtzman.

"I definitely think he makes some good points," said LHS Class of '65 graduate Barbara Withey Ehnes. "I especially appreciate a politician with convictions and one who sticks to them. I think he could definitely get things done with his forceful personality, his energy and his logical mind."

Livingston H.S. Class of '80 graduate Stephen Slotnick said, "Chris has the highest level of integrity of anyone I know. He will always place doing something that is right for the majority, higher than doing it for himself."

"Running for president, for him is not about power. It's about his sincere desire to create change that benefits everyone," added Slotnick, who said Christie was the best man at his wedding in the 1980's.

"Chris wants to do what's right for all the people, not one group of people or special interests, he will tell you exactly what he thinks without the sugar," said 1984 LHS grad Tom Luciano, who worked on Christie's campaign.

"Chris Christie was a leader from the first time I met him in the fourth grade," said Jay Isherwood, a Class of '80 LHS graduate. "That leadership skill has increased since."

He added, "As I sit here tonight thinking about the fact that my class president might one day be the President of the USA, I'm excited but not at all surprised. True, he ruffles feathers but I believe that when we give his plans time, we will all see that he was right all along. I plan to support his candidacy and really look forward to the months ahead."

However, there will be detractors.

The NJEA, the Essex County Education Association, which will be bussing in protestors for the "Chris Christie Truth to Power" pop up rally, New Jersey Citizen Action, The Sierra Club and more will be coming in droves to protest tomorrow.

"The NJEA, the Sierra Group, Hurricane Sandy Victims and others including those who protested in Iowa, are coming together on Tuesday to say they are unhappy with the job Christie has done as Governor and that they cannot fathom him becoming President of the United States," said Ted Tymtanick of Piscatoway, who is a member of many protest groups planning to converge on Livingston on June 30.

The "Chris Christie Truth to Power" pop up rally members will arrive tomorrow dressed in red. Their motto is: "We Support Public Education - Children First."

"With it looking like the Governor will be announcing his candidacy for the Presidency at Livingston High School, we may have no better chance to let the country know how we feel about him," said the group via its Eventbrite invitation.

"This is a Governor who promised not to hurt teachers," said Tymtanick. "He promised to be a friend of education—and he just hurt us instead. His decisions are impacting how we teach, how we make a living as teachers, and overall they are affecting morale. We are far worse off now than we were prior to him taking office."

The New Jersey Citizen Action sent out an email stating, "Tomorrow morning, June 30, at Livingston High School, Chris Christie is going to announce that he is running for President. New Jersey Citizen Action will be there to demand that Christie resign his post as Governor."

The letter, signed by Executive Director Phyllis Salowe-Kaye continued, "Christie simply cannot do his job as Governor while he's flying around the country running for President. And there's something else that is deeply disturbing about Chris Christie running for President while he's simultaneously charged with leading our state—Chris Christie is making urgent, critically important decisions that affect our state and our families based on what the super conservative Republican primary voters in Iowa and South Carolina want to hear."

According to their Facebook page, The Sierra Club is against the governor's environmental record and said, "Join us to let the rest of the country know that Gov. Christie has the worst environmental record of any Governor in our state's history and is unfit to be President."

"New Jersey is in worse shape since Christie took over as Governor, said Essex County Freeholder Patricia Sebold. "The protesters are correct in what they believe. I am speaking as a retired teacher and as a member of the two other groups."

She added, "One good thing I have to say about the Governor—he just gave Essex County 90 percent of the cost for our new Vocational School and we have received a lot of Green Acres funding when it was available. He was good for Essex County. I am a Democrat and I have never supported a Republican for President."

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