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New Jersey Citizen Action Statement On Governor Murphy's Appointment Of New EDA Chairman Kevin Quinn

Insider NJ — April 26, 2019

New Jersey Citizen Action released the following statement today in response to Governor Murphy's appointment of Kevin Quinn as the new Chairman of New Jersey's Economic Development Authority. Advocates have been calling for the EDA board's resignation for weeks following revelations that the agency mismanaged billions of dollars in corporate tax incentives and accepted fraudulent applications from politically connected corporations. Governor Murphy called on the board to resign last week; so far only former Chairman Laurence Downes has stepped down.

"Our state Economic Development Authority badly needs both an overhaul and a complete shift in policy, and the appointment of a new Chairman is an important step in that direction," said Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Executive Director of New Jersey Citizen Action. "For nearly a decade the EDA squandered billions of dollars in revenue through a mismanaged and corrupt corporate tax incentive program benefiting politically connected corporations, while lawmakers pleaded poverty when it came to funding vital social programs. The EDA's new leadership needs to re-focus the agency on the needs of those who have suffered the most — the New Jersey taxpayers.

"To this end, we call on the rest of the current EDA board to resign so Chairman Quinn can begin work with a new slate. We need to scale back the corporate tax incentive program and make it more manageable, much more cost effective and completely transparent. Above all, our state needs smart investments in programs and services that work for all residents throughout the state, and in businesses that will truly help build a thriving New Jersey workforce. We look forward to working with Chairman Quinn to reform the EDA and address New Jersey's most pressing economic needs."

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