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New Jersey Citizen Action Statement On Passage Of Budget Legislation Without A Millionaires Tax

Insider NJ — June 20, 2019

Trenton — New Jersey Citizen Action released the following statement today in response to the State Legislature passing budget legislation without a millionaires tax.

"By rushing through budget legislation with no regard for public input and no millionaires tax, legislators have ignored the wishes and the most urgent needs of their constituents, while wasting an opportunity to help restore New Jersey's fragile fiscal health," said Dena Mottola-Jaborska, Associate Director for New Jersey Citizen Action. "A budget that included a millionaires tax and other revenue sources would have provided for property tax relief, public education and many other needs, such as our state's rainy day fund. And by voting against the wishes of 70 percent of New Jersey's residents, legislators have weakened our democracy in this state."

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