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New Jersey Citizen Action Statement On Lieutenant Governor Oliver Signing Equal Pay Bill Into Law

Insider NJ — July 24, 2019

By Insider NJ

Montclair — New Jersey Citizen Action released the following statement today in response to Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver signing into law A1094/S3016, which would prohibit employers from screening job applicants based on salary history or consider an applicant's refusal to volunteer salary history information in any employment decisions.

"The Equal Pay law signed by the Lieutenant Governor Oliver today is another major victory for women, minorities and working families struggling to achieve equality in the workplace and economic security," said Dena Mottola-Jaborska, Associate Director of New Jersey Citizen Action. "Last year's landmark Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act sent a strong message to New Jersey employers that there would be serious consequences for perpetrating wage discrimination against people of color and women. But wage discrimination is a pervasive enough problem that it requires multiple solutions to eliminate it. The bill signed today is another important tool to fight wage discrimination as it gives each and every person the ability to escape past wage discrimination and ensures discriminatory decisions of the past can no longer follow them throughout their careers. It will allow experienced workers to reset their careers and ensures fairness for those just entering the workforce.

"New Jersey Citizen Action applauds Assemblywomen Downey and Lampitt and Senators Gil and Weinberg for their unceasing advocacy on behalf of those who face injustice and discrimination. We also applaud Lieutenant Governor Oliver, who has spent her entire career fighting for women and working families on issues such as earned sick days, affordable housing, consumer protection and so much more. It is particularly appropriate that she sign this Equal Pay bill into law."

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