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New Jersey Citizen Action Statement On State Senate Committee Hearing On EDA Corporate Tax Subsidy Programs

Insider NJ — September 5, 2019

"With this hearing today, the State Legislature has finally joined the discussion about meaningful, comprehensive reforms to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority's flawed corporate tax subsidy programs," said Dena Mottola Jaborska, Associate Director of New Jersey Citizen Action. "The policy experts at this hearing endorsed key reforms such as spending caps and time limits, as well as providing evidence that businesses subsidies are not the most effective economic development strategy, or even the only way to attract businesses. We've known the programs needed reforms for nine months but so far the Legislature has failed to act. We can't afford these uncapped and badly managed programs any longer as they will simply further damage New Jersey's fragile fiscal health and continue to drain money from other programs and services.

"Most of the reforms highlighted today are included in Governor Murphy's conditional veto of the bill extending the programs. Our Legislature needs to either accept the conditional veto or offer their own comprehensive reform plan as soon as possible. We again call on our Legislature to

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