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NJCA Applauds Passage Of Coronavirus Stimulus Package While Urging Action On Behalf Of Immigrants

Insider NJ — March 27, 2020

Newark — New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) today applauded the U.S. House of Representatives' passage of the historic $2 trillion economic stimulus package in response to the coronavirus pandemic in a voice vote today, while calling on more action on behalf of immigrants.

"We commend the House for their swift work and urge President Trump to sign the legislation into law as soon as possible," said Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, NJCA Executive Director. "New Jersey workers, families and small businesses are in desperate need of an economic lifeline and this is an important step forward in providing one. While this bill will help many millions, we urge both our Congressional delegation and our State Legislature to work with us on immediate measures to get relief to immigrants and their families who are not eligible to receive funds under this stimulus package. This includes hundreds of thousands of our fellow New Jerseyans and some 128,000 children who are U.S. citizens. We can't beat this pandemic or survive the economic crisis that follows without ensuring everyone in America has the support and assistance they need."

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