Murphy Signs Borrowing Bill, GOP Files Suit

Politico — July 16, 2020

By Matt Friedman


ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM — A coalition of liberal groups is asking Senate President Steve Sweeney to reverse course on in-person committee meetings and go back to holding them over Zoom. New Jersey Working Families, New Jersey Policy Perspective, New Jersey Citizen Action and Environment New Jersey -- and maybe some others — plan to send a lengthy letter today saying: "Even with temperature checks and efforts at masking and social distancing, the move to resume in-person hearings is deeply irresponsible and pits participation in the democratic process against the best medical practices on public health. Masks do not, by themselves, guarantee no transmission of COVID-19, and adherence of mask wearing by legislators (many of whom are in high-risk categories) has been spotty at best." And when it's necessary to hold indoor, in-person hearings, "everyone in the State House should have to wear a mask at every moment, even when speaking into the microphone," the letter says. Sweeney's not a huge fan of most of those groups, so I'd be shocked if they persuade him.

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