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Central Jersey Residents Writing Congress Letters About Health-Care Reform / Heartbeats — Friday, June 26, 2009

By Jeff Weber

Outcry and advocacy over things they deem unfair is something in which the public long has taken part. It dates back thousands of years. Well, right now, the public seems to be quite interested in the potential changes to the health-care system President Barack Obama's administration is considering.

Many Central Jersey residents know they have a voice and are planning on using it, beginning tomorrow — Saturday, June 27 — in Highland Park, where New Jersey Citizen Action, Central NJ for Change, and the NJ Health Care For America Now, or HCAN, Campaign will gather at NJ Citizen Action's office (75 Raritan Ave.), to rally local neighborhoods and collect handwritten letters to members of Congress calling for national health-care reform with a public health insurance plan in 2009. This effort will start at 9 a.m.

At noon, this same group will gather for a health-care picnic in Highland Park's Donaldson Park to welcome Sen. Robert Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-6) for July 4 Congressional recess and present hundreds of handwritten letters to take back to Washington to help in the cause. If it rains — which these days seems like a certainty in Central Jersey — the picnic location will be the Highland Park Senior/Youth Center on South 6th Avenue.

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