Insurance Competition Urged

The Record ( — Saturday, July 11, 2009

Letters to the Editor

In "Insurance competition urged" (Page A-6, June 20), Horizon BlueCross Blue Shield Vice President Tom Rubino blamed skyrocketing health insurance premiums on surplus hospital beds and the habits of the state's doctors, who tend to order more tests and procedures than doctors elsewhere.

Research shows, however, that the real reason for skyrocketing health insurance premiums is the greed of private health insurance companies.

The fact is that we need a strong, comprehensive, high-quality public health insurance option to keep private insurers honest. We can no longer rely on an industry that profits enormously from our current health care system, which we know is broken, to fix the problem.

Maybe Rubino's boss, ranked among the highest-paid health insurance CEOs, would be willing to give up his salary for a year to cover more New Jersey residents.

James Woodson
Highland Park, June 29

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