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Health-care Reform Will Help Seniors

Home News Tribune / — Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Dorothy Dunn's letter, "Health care proposal is unfair to senior citizens'' (July 21), is misinformed as to how health care reform will affect seniors.

The recently released House bill, "America's Affordable Health Choices Act,'' will benefit seniors by strengthening Medicare. It closes the doughnut hole, increases reimbursement to primary care providers, does away with cost-sharing for all preventive services and improves low-income subsidy programs to ensure that health care remains affordable for everyone.

Advocates of reform also want to research different medical procedures in order to determine which ones provide the best outcomes at the lowest costs. Seniors will not be denied care, as Quinn contends, but will rather be given better, more effective care that will improve their longevity and the quality of their lives.

We must remind ourselves that insurance companies already ration care. Every single day, people are denied necessary medical care because insurers don't want their customers' health to cut into their quarterly profits. At least government plans are accountable to the taxpayers instead of the shareholders.

Anyone who feels that our seniors deserve better care should support the provisions of H.R. 3200, and should tell their representatives in Congress to follow suit.

Highland Park

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