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Insurance Industry Puts Profits Before People

Home News Tribune / — Monday, August 17, 2009

Letters to the Editor

With almost 50 million Americans lacking health insurance and hundreds of New Jerseyans losing their health insurance each day, now is the time for the government to take action. The current health care system is unaffordable for families, businesses and government, due to the rising cost of health care and the insurance industry putting profits before people.

As a constituent, I believe New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance should put the health of his constituents before the profits of the insurance industry.

Lance opposes real health care reform and the creation of a public health insurance plan. In a recent op-ed piece the congressman stated that the health care bill in the House of Representatives (HR 3200) will allow government bureaucrats to stand between you and your doctor.

This is simply false.

Right now insurance company bureaucrats deny us needed health care while their top executives rake in outlandish profits. A public health insurance option will give all of us a choice to either keep the insurance plan we have if we like it or be part of the new public plan which will offer good quality insurance at affordable rates.

A public health insurance plan will also help fix the economy by keeping workers healthy and productive, thereby reducing preventable illness and sick days and yielding higher profits for business, and reducing our longterm health care expenses by cutting administrative costs and emphasizing prevention of serious conditions and catastrophic care.

The time is now for real health insurance reform that includes a choice of a public health insurance plan.


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