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Final Bill Must Be Affordable

Burlington County Times — Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Letters to the Editor

I wish to address these comments to every congressman, congresswoman and senator in Washington and to President Obama.

I applaud the House for its great work in passing long overdue health care reform legislation. It is better than the Senate legislation in numerous ways, including employer responsibility and consumer protections. And unlike the Senate bill, it won't tax my health benefits to pay for reform.

Instead, it will raise revenue from those who can most afford to pay.

However, there is a big affordability gap that must be fixed when the two bills are merged into one piece of historic legislation.

The House bill is more affordable for low- and moderate-income families and could save them more than $2,100 a year compared to the Senate bill.

But the Senate bill is more affordable for middle-income families who, under the House bill, could be forced to pay more than they do now to buy insurance.

Congress needs to keep the best of the House and Senate bills in the final legislation, including provisions that offer the most affordable coverage for everyone.

Angie Stith

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