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The Star-Ledger — Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letters to the Editor

The health care system in America is clearly broken. Too many people cannot afford or cannot obtain health insurance and too many people who are insured are finding themselves faced with increasing out-of-pocket expenses. Too many business owners are finding they can no longer afford health insurance for their employees.

The health care reform bills passed in the House and the Senate will not provide a quick-fix for what is wrong with our system, but if the final bill provides the best parts of each, millions more Americans will have access to quality health care. For instance, the House bill provides more consumer protections, including the choice of a public option, which will make health insurance more affordable. Although both bills provide essential assistance for people who do not receive health insurance from their employers, the House bill has better affordability measures for low- and moderate-income families, while the Senate is better for middle-income families. The House bill, by raising revenue from those who can most afford to pay, is more fairly financed than the Senate version, which includes a tax on workers’ health benefits.

Comprehensive health care reform is long overdue. The status quo is not an option. I urge the Congress to get it right and pass a final bill that provides the quality, affordable health care we all need.

Martin M. Schwartz, Cranford

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