NJ Voters Rally For Health Care Reform

NJToday.net — Thursday, February 18, 2010

STATE — On Wednesday, Feb. 17, hundreds of New Jersey voters rallied at sites across the state to urge Congress to "Finish Health Care Reform Now and Finish It Right!"

"New Jerseyans are joining forces to say they've had enough of insurance companies' denied claims, inflated profits, and soaring premiums," said Marcia Marley, president of BlueWave NJ, a group that promotes progressive policy on the local, state, and national levels. "Today we are sending a loud and clear message to Congress: No more excuses. No more politics. We need good health care we can count on and we need it now."

"Congress has been debating health care reform for more than a year now. Meanwhile, everyday Americans are still at the mercy of insurance companies," said Ev Liebman, NJ Citizen Action Director of Organizing and Advocacy. "Last year, private insurers enjoyed record profits while dropping coverage for thousands of people. It's time to stop the partisan bickering and business-as-usual in Washington. We voted for change in 2008 and we demand health reform now."

"This health care legislation represents the first leg of a long and difficult trek, but we cannot reach our destination unless Congress takes the first step. Small businesses like mine cannot afford to wait. Literally, our health care policy has jumped 124% in the last few weeks. How many other businesses must face this same reality, before Congress is convinced it is time to move?" said Kelly Conklin, owner of Foley-Waite Associates in Bloomfield.

Wednesday's rallies were part of a week-long nationwide push intended to spur Congress to act now on health care reform. Approximately 40 major events were scheduled in 32 states between Feb. 16 and 24.

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