It's Time To Get America Back To Work

NJBIZ — Monday, September 20, 2010

Letters to the Editor

As small-business owners, we know our businesses are the backbone of our local economies. We also know the strength of our businesses is tied to the strength of our communities — our fates are linked. On Main Street, Wall Street's reckless risk-taking brought plummeting sales, frozen credit and a customer base decimated by widespread job losses.

To lay the foundation for small businesses to drive the economic recovery, we must act now. Stimulus spending is fine as a shot in the arm, not as a substitute for broad-based economic activity.
The Local Jobs for America Act would do just that. By creating or saving up to 1 million public and private-sector jobs — good-paying jobs that are the bedrock of the small-business customer base -- the Local Jobs for America Act will bring paying customers into our businesses, bolster local economies and help drive the recovery. It's time to put raw politics aside and get America back to work.

J. Kelly Conklin, president
Foley-Waite Associates Inc.

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