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Don't Yield Key Ground In Health Care Fight

The Star-Ledger — August 10, 2017


Tom Moran's recent column on Rep. Josh Gottheimer's Problem Solver Caucus health care proposal is off the mark ("Gottheimer learns cutting deals can be painful," Aug. 6). Yes, this may be the first big move for the freshman congressman, but rather than help, the Problem Solver Caucus may actually enable GOP efforts to roll back benefit and coverage guarantees for millions.

That is why, for now, repeal has been defeated. What neither Moran nor Gottheimer (D-5th Dist.) seems to acknowledge is that repeal or any rollback of coverage and protections must be off the table before any negotiation can begin.

Yes, the Affordable Care Act can be improved, but the most urgent problems it faces are the result of President Donald Trump and Republican efforts to sabotage its success. Instead of creating a new caucus, Congress should follow the regular order of business and hold public hearings in the Senate and the House where proposals to improve and expand the ACA can be publicly vetted. Congress also should act now to put an end to Trump's explicit attempts to undermine the ACA and permanently secure the cost-sharing reduction payments to stabilize markets.

Maura Collinsgru
Health care program director, New Jersey Citizen Action

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