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New Jersey Citizen Action Statement On Texas Federal Judge's Decision On Affordable Care Act

Insider NJ — December 15, 2018

By Insider NJ

Highland Park — New Jersey Citizen Action released the following statement today in response to a December 14th ruling by a federal judge in Texas declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

"The Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land, but the decision of a single Texas appellate court judge in a case brought by 18 Republican attorneys general declaring the ACA unconstitutional is yet another reminder of where the GOP stands on health care," said NJCA health care program director Maura Collinsgru. "If allowed to stand this decision would upend the progress we've made in expanding coverage and protections to millions of people across our nation. In New Jersey this decision threatens the Medicaid expansion which insures some 500,00 people, tax credits for nearly 200,000 residents, bans on annual and lifetime coverage limits, young adults who want to stay on their parents' plans, and protection for almost 4 million of our state's residents with pre-existing conditions. We are proud that New Jersey is one of 17 states fighting this lawsuit and stand with our Governor and Legislature in protecting the ACA and our health care consumers. We trust that higher courts will have the wisdom to reverse this rash decision."

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