Bushmobile Tours New Jersey

Baristanet — Wednesday, July 9, 2008

By Annette Batson

A current events refresher comes to the Garden State today...It's a museum on wheels, a 28 ton, 45-foot long, biodiesel-powered traveling show. What's to see: interactive exhibits on the worst policy failures of Dubya's two-term administration, sponsored by advocacy group Americans United For Change.

"The Bush Legacy Tour" is making two stops in New Jersey — they've been in Newark this morning on Division Street next to the Newark Bear Stadium, and plan to be in Trenton at 1:30 pm near the front steps of the State Capitol Building.

AUFC and New Jersey Citizen Action are pointing fingers at Reps. Garrett (NJ-5) and Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) to hold them accountable for voting with this President's worst policy failures 86 percent and 81 percent of the time respectively, according to Congressional Quarterly.

AUFC announced the bus will be opened to the public "where the people of New Jersey will be given the chance to reflect on how 8 years of failed Bush/conservative polices have left our economy in shambles, millions more without health insurance, our military stretched to the breaking point, and thousands each day losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity."

The Bushmobile wheels coast-to-coast this summer, following an itinerary of 150 stops in the hometowns of Bush's allies, both national political conventions, and locations like New Orleans and Crawford, TX. Take a virtual tour at

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