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Protest At The Pumps

Protesters in Somerville call on Congress to lower gas prices

Courier News / — Friday, July 25, 2008


Somerville — Protesters stood in front of Lukoil and Shell gasoline stations on Route 22 East during rush hour Thursday calling on Congress to take "pro-consumer" action at the gasoline pumps.

The protest was organized by New Jersey Citizen Action with a similar event planned in Cherry Hill.

New Jersey Citizen Action Organizer Crystal Snedden said the organization was hoping to focus the attention of the public and Congress on the need for more investment in renewable energy, mass transit and other community needs as opposed to tax breaks for oil companies.

Snedden said the organization was calling on Congress to enact a windfall-profits tax on oil companies to fund other priorities. Snedden also called for more regulation when it comes to oil speculation and its impact on prices.

Deb Huber of Tewksbury described the high gasoline prices as a double-edged sword. The high prices encourage people to use less gasoline and not buy gas-guzzling vehicles, but also hurt working people who rely on their vehicles.

"The cost of living in New Jersey is out of control," Huber said.

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