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Rally For Everyone

The Star-Ledger — Saturday, May 29, 2010

By Letters to the Editor / The Star-Ledger

Your May 22 editorial "Protests can't change the fact New Jersey is broke" regarding that day's Stand Up Rally was premature. You published the editorial the day of the rally, before you had attended and before you understood its purpose. We would have hoped you would have attended the rally first, before you wrote about why 129 organizations and 35,000-plus citizens spent their Saturday calling for the governor and Legislature to adopt a budget that works for all New Jerseyans.

This rally was organized to protest the massive budget cuts to public services and to demand passage of the millionaires tax. The speakers highlighted the horrible impact the cuts would have on people with disabilities, seniors, children, health care, libraries, parks, education and more.

New Jersey Citizen Action, a coalition of labor, senior, community, religious, civil rights and environmental organizations, has fought for public services and fair taxes throughout our near-30 year history. We were proud to be a sponsor of the Stand Up Rally and a member of the rally steering committee. NJCA's slogan at the rally was, "Not for ourselves, but for us all," the exact opposite of what was said in your editorial.

Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, executive director, New Jersey Citizen Action

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