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Group To March On D.C. To Demand Change

New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio — Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kevin McArdle Reporting

"One Nation Working Together" is a coalition of groups that includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations. The group says it is committed to pulling the country back together now.

The group's leaders say in response to the nation's floundering economy and declining public school system, One Nation will march on Washington, D.C. on October 2nd and rally at the Lincoln Memorial to demand that our nation's elected officials work together to change the country's direction.

Ev Liebman, is a member of the group and the director of organizing and advocacy for New Jersey Citizen Action. She says, "Every person in this country deserves to live the American Dream: a secure job that will support a family, a safe home and quality education. We can no longer be diverted by skewed priorities like unnecessary military spending or bailing out large, but failing financial institutions."

"We're about fighting the outsourcing that is going on in America," says Lionel Leach, New Jersey coordinator for One Nation Working Together. "Working people are frustrated, they're angry by the government's inability to halt massive job loss and declining living standards for our people."

One Nation is demanding that congress work as one to focus on job creation, education and civil and human right. The coalition consists of more than 170 human and civil rights groups, labor unions, and environmental, ethnic, peace, youth, student and faith-based organizations. Organizers expect the rally in Washington to attract tens of thousands of members.

Ben Jealous, NAACP president says, "We are serving notice to all elected officials. We will march on October 2 and will we march again on November 2 into the voting booths. The true majority in this country is people like us and we cannot be ignored."

"One Nation Working Together happens at a historic moment in this country," says Jealous. "We have sparked a coalition that is truly representative and united - conservatives and progressives, immigrants and native born people, college students and senior citizens, veterans and peace activists, believers and non-believers, unemployed and CEOs. Our commonality is our love for this country and the conviction that we must replace divisive politics and hate with a shared vision for our children and grandchildren's futures."

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