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Iraq War Put State, Nation Into Recession

Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times — Thursday, April 17, 2008

Letter to the Editor

As millions of New Jersey citizens file their income taxes, we want to bring attention to the tax they are paying for a war, which has cost New Jersey and our country so dearly. The human and economic costs of the Iraq war have been enormous.

As we enter the sixth and most expensive year yet in the war in Iraq, it's time to expose the unseen costs of Bush's singular focus on the war in Iraq on the New Jersey's economy, schools, health care, energy independence and real security. Instead of continuing to pour our state's blood and resources into war in Iraq, New Jersey citizens are demanding investment in priorities here at home and a focus on real security.

Already New Jersey citizens have paid $23.9 billion. Economists say President Bush's reckless Iraq war will cost the U.S. at least $3 trillion and will inflict lasting damage to our economy for decades to come. While President Bush and Congressman Ferguson remain singularly focused on the Iraq war, we have slipped into what most Americans say is a recession. Nearly two-thirds of Americans – 68 percent – believe that the best way to get the country out of recession is to get out of Iraq, according to an Associated Press-lpsos poll published last month.

With the U.S. hemorrhaging $12 billion each month on the war in Iraq, it's long past time to cast aside Bush's misplaced priorities. Now that the fallout of those misplaced priorities is clear, we have the urgency and the numbers we need to finally force an end to this war.

Crystal Snedden
NJ Citizen Action, Newark

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