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Watchdog Group Wants Higher Taxes For The Rich

New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio — Friday, October 14, 2011

David Matthau Reporting

Jersey's largest consumer watchdog group is calling for new government-funded public works projects to repair and replace Garden state bridges and roadways.

During a small protest at the Rahway River bridge in Springfield, Lauren Townsend, the Director of Organizing and Advocacy for New Jersey Citizen Action said her organization is very concerned about the state's crumbling infrastructure, because right now "we rank 27th in the nation in crumbling bridges and yet we're the most populated state in the country...Springfield alone has 3 dilapidated bridges that are in ill repair — this bridge right here has over 27 thousand cars that travel over it every day."

She says "we want to put people to work and we want to be safe — and putting people to work to fix our crumbling infrastructure and bridges is a way of making us safer and creating jobs...we're going to pay for this by making millionaires pay their fair share and corporations pay their fair share:...we have to have a progressive, fair tax structure in the state of New Jersey and nationwide — when we had a fairer tax structure a couple of decades ago we were doing a hell of a lot better."

Townsend adds Jersey's entire infrastructure needs fixing, "and it's not just our crumbling bridges — it's also our schools, it's our daycare centers, it's our roads...this is what made this country one of the strongest countries in the world — and this is what can us that strong again."

Bill Holland, the Executive Director of New Jersey Working Families Alliance says "I think we need to ask the wealthy, and corporations to pay their fair share...this Governor has given almost a billion dollars to corporations since taking office — that's the sort of money that should be used to invest in New Jersey — both its infrastructure and's completely unacceptable that this Governor is giving a billion dollars to corporations while New Jersey's bridges and roads are in disrepair and people are out of work."

Eight people attended the protest.

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