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Here Are Our New Laws For 2021... Minimum Wage Is Going Up In New Jersey

NBC 10 Philadelphia — January 1, 2021

By Matt DeLucia


New Jersey's New Laws

New Jersey is retiring the term "freeholder," which was used for county leaders who oversee county finances and other affairs.

Freeholder is a Jersey anachronism that has long been debated. It's offensive to many, since it originally referred only to white men who owned land free of debt and therefore could hold office.

Now, county leaders will be called the more commonly used title "county commissioner." Counties will have to update letterhead and stationery over the next year.

More important, New Jersey's minimum wage is going up. Starting Friday, it will rise to $12 an hour.

The increase is part of the state's plan to gradually reach a $15 minimum wage for most industries through increases of $1 a year from now until 2024.

"It's good news for the working people of New Jersey, especially the working poor," said Dena Mottola Jaborska of New Jersey Citizen Action. "It will not help people who lost work in the pandemic or even hours, but it will help families struggling to buy food or pay utility bills."

The minimum wage in Delaware is $9.25 an hour. In Pennsylvania, it's $7.25 an hour.

"The majority of states are still at $7.25, which is really a poverty wage," Mottola Jaborska said.


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