Attention All Grasshoppers

Baristanet — Friday, August 15, 2008

By Debbie Galant

Sure, it's been pleasant and in the 70's a lot recently, and we've been seeing gas prices around town in the low $3.60's – down 40 cents from just a few weeks ago. But that doesn't mean that fall heating season isn't going to be a big reality check for most of us.

If you haven't already, you may want to look into New Jersey Citizen Action's Oil Group, a non-profit oil-buying cooperative that uses the power of size to negotiate lower oil prices. The way it works: you become a member, they assign you to a local oil company, you get that company's rates at about a 25 discount to the regular retail. Word to the wise, though, there are several oil companies signed up through the plan that service Baristaville, and some providers offer better deals than others. I've been a member for several years and just switched to Oil City, which provided much lower prices than my oil company did last year.

Membership in the coop is $30, or $15 for seniors. First-year membership is waived. Find out more here.

For those you scratching your heads [about the "Grasshopper" in the headline, here's Aesop's fable of "The Ant and the Grasshopper"].

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