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Letter: Take Opportunity To Review Hamilton Animal Shelter Policy

The Times of Trenton — Monday, November 10, 2014

By Times of Trenton Letters to the Editor

Marty Flynn's letter "Hamilton expanded animal shelter will promote humane pet care" (Oct. 24) and Peggy Nicol's letter "Opportunity to save more animals at expanded Hamilton animal shelter" (Oct. 11) call attention to existing and needed efforts to rescue the animals housed in the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter.

Understandably, Mr. Flynn, director of health, recreation, senior and veterans services for Hamilton, defends the township's animal shelter policies. Ms. Nicol states that the 41.5 percent death rate at the animal shelter is an indication that more can be done.

Both letter writers' goals are the same: save more animals.

In the face of facts, it is smart business for government to not dismiss a taxpayer's suggestions to review its policies. In this specific instance, it could lead to a reduced cost to operate the animal shelter and the benefit of saving the lives of pets. That is a win-win-win for the township, the taxpayers and the animals.

To ensure that the $1.1 million taxpayer-funded animal shelter expansion will yield the positive results our animal control officers, Mr. Flynn, Ms. Nicol and every pet owner in Hamilton want, there are a variety of no-cost/low-cost solutions to consider:

These and other suggestions could lead to a reduced cost of housing, feeding and caring for the animals and fewer of them euthanized.

– Dan Keelan,

The writer is director of advocacy and organizing for New Jersey Citizen Action and a member of the New Jersey Time to Care Coalition.

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