'Right To Repair' Protects Small Businesses, Consumers

Truck.Net — Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By dgehman

Trenton, NJ — The New Jersey General Assembly passed the Right to Repair Act by more than a two-to-one margin, advancing the bill further than ever before. However, New Jersey motorists will now have to wait longer for this pro-consumer, pro-small business bill to be reintroduced and work its way through the legislative process as the New Jersey Senate ran out of time before taking up right to repair legislation.

"We want to commend the New Jersey State Assembly for having the courage to stand up to special interests and pass the Right to Repair Act out of their chamber," said Charles Bryant, Executive Director of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of NJ (AASP-NJ). "We are disappointed, however, that a bill that would benefit every New Jersey motorist, has 10 Senate co-sponsors and is supported by such organizations as the AAA, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and New Jersey Citizen Action was not acted upon by the Senate.

According to Fredrick Gruel, chair, AAA Clubs of New Jersey, "New Jersey consumers must have the option of taking their vehicle to a dealer or an independent repair facility of their choosing. Whether they choose a dealer, an independent — or, for that matter, if they do the repair themselves — it does not matter. But until they have that choice, they do not fully own their vehicle. The Right to Repair Act will provide that choice.

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