New Jersey Citizen Action Gives Free Bilingual Tax-Preparation Services To Thousands Of Lower-Income Residents

The Jaffe Briefing — February 10, 2020

TAPinto.net — February 10, 2020


STATEWIDE — It's bad enough that tax season is coming down the tracks like a freight train. Now, with every year that goes by, it seems we need to be on the lookout for more scammers, phishers and the assorted dodgy characters determined to get between us and our refunds. Enter the nonprofit New Jersey Citizen Action, which gives free bilingual tax-preparation services to thousands of lower-income residents under a program affiliated with the — (involuntary shiver) — Internal Revenue Service. NJ Spotlight outlines those services. It also explains it's not just scammers who cause taxpayers to lose out during tax season. Apparently, New Jerseyans who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit leave millions of dollars unclaimed every year. Get filing, New Jersey, and claim the heck out of what you are owed.


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