Winners And Losers

NJBIZ — Monday, March 25, 2013

By NJBIZ Staff


ShopRite — WINNER
The company is bringing a supermarket to Camden to anchor a major retail development project in the 'food desert.' It's the first supermarket to come to Camden in three decades; if it succeeds, it'll be a huge part of the revitalization effort. If it fails, well, it'll be in good company.

Walmart — LOSER
Calling Walmart a loser is the ultimate layup, like saying you hate rutabagas. But the company's doing itself no favors with its reputation in New Jersey. It played a public will-we-or-won't-we game earlier in Newark, and then last week, walked away from a Hawthorne supermarket.

Eckert Seamans — WINNER
The Pittsburgh law firm is quietly building an empire in New Jersey. Its announced acquisition of Sterns & Weinroth, in Trenton, joins the Newark office it opened in January and gives the company almost 400 attorneys in the Garden State.

The $4 billion in infrastructure upgrades the utility wants its ratepayers to pay for is suddenly in for the lobbying fight of its life, with five of the Garden State's biggest lobbying guns, including AARP and New Jersey Citizen Action, trying to torpedo it.

Byrd Brothers — WINNER
Instead of just thanking its lucky stars when it was spared the worst from Hurricane Irene, Ocean City signed a contract with Byrd to be ready for the next one. Now, with Sandy rebuilds as slow as they are expensive, the city is showing the kind of foresight Christie wishes he had.

For-profit hospitals — LOSER
With regulators, lawmakers and the public at large still leery about for-profit operators in New Jersey hospitals, it was curious to see the executives of two of them having a public fight over tactics HUMC Holdco supposedly is using to block Prime Healthcare from the market. That'll ease concerns for sure.

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