NJCA on Approval of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporate Restructuring

November 2, 2022

Dena Mottola Jaborska, NJCA Executive Director:

“The corporate restructuring of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield will have a profound impact on millions of New Jersey health care consumers. We are dismayed by the Department of Banking and Insurance’s (DOBI) lack of transparency, hurried, and truncated approval process for Horizon’s restructuring application. It made a mockery of the provisions of the statute for public hearing which assumes an informed public although critical information was denied.

“Three public meetings were held within a period of two weeks, rather than the 90 days contemplated by statute, and a decision to approve the application was made just two weeks following the last hearing. 

“This decision was made in the absence of any meaningful information on the public record, including Horizon’s business plan. Multiple requests for this and other vital information regarding the application were denied. The health impact study released at the same time as the application approval relies wholly on Horizon’s testimony without any means of testing it. 

“We commend the state Attorney General for his cooperation, his oversight, and his affirmation that Horizon must maintain its charitable status and its commitment to serve its policyholders and the people of New Jersey. But the Attorney General’s continuing oversight does not justify a deeply flawed and opaque application process. New Jersey Citizen Action will continue to engage with DOBI on this process while considering all our options, including an appeal on the approval of the application and the denial of our OPRA requests.”