NJCA on President Biden signing the historic Inflation Reduction Act

August 16, 2022

Maura Collinsgru, NJCA Director of Policy and Advocacy:

“The Inflation Reduction Act is a historic victory for health care consumers and the planet.  By passing this into law, President Biden and Congressional Democrats have beaten back special and corporate interests and delivered on their promise to do what is best for the American people. 

This landmark package will lower prescription drug prices and create more affordable health coverage options for millions of low- and moderate- income families who rely on the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplaces. The law also makes unprecedented investments in fighting the worst effects of climate change, while ensuring America’s ultra-wealthy and corporations who have been dodging taxes finally pay what they owe.

Today is a huge defeat for Big Pharma and a massive victory for patients who have long endured the drug corporations’ relentless price-gouging.  Limiting price-setting and price-gouging practices will ensure millions more across the nation have access to the health care and Rx medicines they need. Tax credits for green energy and other impactful reforms will help secure a better future for our children. 

We thank all of our Democratic Representatives who supported this landmark package, and especially applaud Congressmen Frank Pallone’s and Bill Pascrell’s leadership on the law’s critical healthcare and tax reforms.”