NJCA on State of the State: Gov. Murphy must return to championing transformative reforms 

January 10, 2023

NJCA releases the following statement in response to NJ Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address:

NJCA Executive Director Dena Mottola Jaborska: 

“Since the more urgent days of the pandemic, when he provided solid leadership, Governor Murphy has advanced very few new supports for New Jersey’s working families and low-and-moderate income residents. This is in contrast to the transformative accomplishments of his first term. In those years, Governor Murphy passed landmark legislation in healthcare, affordable colleges, workplace justice, and tax fairness, just to name a few. But in the past year he’s taken little or no action on, and even opposed, policies and reforms that would lower prescription drug costs, end discrimination and over-pricing in auto insurance rates, address racial and socio-economic inequities, and help protect New Jerseyans from unscrupulous corporate interests. 

“We hope the increasing influence of corporate interests on the Murphy administration is not a preview of the next two years. We are deeply concerned with the possibility that the Governor could champion tax cuts for corporations. Past tax reforms that ensured corporations pay their fair share have raised the critical funding needed to support many key reforms that Murphy accomplished in his first term. And they have restored our state’s once damaged fiscal health, another major accomplishment for which the Governor deserves high praise.

“We urge Governor Murphy to reject tax cuts for corporations and return to championing the transformative reforms struggling New Jerseyans need to ensure economic security for their families and their communities.”