NJCA Statement on Governor Murphy 2022 Budget Address

March 8, 2022 — Highland Park, NJ

Dena Mottola Jaborska, NJCA Executive Director:

“With a massive budget surplus from American Rescue Plan funds and strong revenue collections, New Jersey has the resources to help ensure all our state residents have the opportunities they need to thrive and prosper, especially those impacted by the pandemic and a new European war. In the past year Governor Murphy and our Legislature have made a number of significant and impactful investments in New Jersey’s working families. These include expanding Affordable Care Act access, providing critical assistance with mortgages, rent and eviction protection, and connecting households with assistance for utility bills.  

“We strongly applaud the Governor’s continuing commitment to low-and moderate-income families through badly-needed investments in affordable housing construction, housing tax credits, and millions of dollars in home buyer down-payment assistance. The proposed  pre-K expansion and expanded access to capital will provide significant economic opportunities for workers with children and small business owners. We also strongly applaud the Governor’s commitment to providing  $53 million in direct monetary relief to ITIN workers who have been excluded from pandemic relief efforts. 

“But many New Jerseyans continue to struggle, and we â€‹urge Governor Murphy and our Legislature to prioritize more investments in working families and our most vulnerable residents over tax breaks for corporations. Many economic recovery programs are overstretched and will require more resources if they are to provide needed support, especially for communities and individuals that have not yet received relief. We urge more investments in relief for excluded workers and programs providing assistance for mortgages, rent and eviction protection. The federal Child Tax Credit lifted millions out of poverty, and we call for the establishment of a state Child Tax Credit as our own powerful anti-poverty tool. Finally, we urge New Jersey to deliver on the promise of health care for all children through Cover All Kids. “The federal and state resources available this budget year provide New Jersey with a historic opportunity. By making sound investments we can lift millions out of economic insecurity and ensure all New Jerseyans have the opportunities they need to both recover from the pandemic and look forward to a far more prosperous future.”